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Healthcare Consumer Marketing,Retention Programs

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Communications to physicians, pharmacists, patients, and consumers.

Consumer Marketing Programs & Support
In today's world, the consumer is in the driver's seat. Consumers are increasingly selective about their preferred method of communication, so you must be ready to incorporate multichannel communication into your marketing plans.

Supporting Compliance and Retention Programs
Many pharmaceutical and medical device products require complex, specialized communication and support programs. Patients need to understand how to adapt to the lifestyle changes of a disease state and new drug regimen. We excel at developing flexible, creative and comprehensive solutions through all phases of the product life cycle to improve loyalty, adherence and compliance.

  • We have represented pharmaceutical companies in conversations with hundreds of thousands of consumers, families and caregivers.
  • We understand the needs of each disease state and the value of providing accurate and convenient information in promoting usage and compliance.
  • We know how to listen and respond with clear, meaningful and personalized information.

Supporting DTC Campaigns
TMS is sensitive to the regulatory environment in which you operate and the need to maximize every direct contact a consumer makes with a manufacturer.

  • We adhere strictly to HIPAA regulations.
  • We operate in an environment where patient and consumer needs are put first.
  • We ensure that quality is a daily mission for each of our employees.

TMS offers both dedicated and shared groups of healthcare specialists dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical direct to consumer response. Whether you choose print or DRTV, TMS Health is prepared to support your initiative and staff appropriately to meet the unique call-arrival patterns required by direct response campaigns.

Unlike other service bureaus, TMS spends time training and monitoring each Specialist not only on the script and the data entry related to direct response, but on his or her ability to maximize the critical opportunity a consumer or caregiver call presents for you.

  • Behavior Modification/Counseling
  • Persistence & Compliance - AdhereRx®
  • Patient Education
  • Brand Loyalty

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