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  • Medical Information
  • Persistence & Compliance - AdhereRxsm
  • Recalls/Unplanned Media Events
  • Adverse Event & Product Quality Complaint Handling
  • Disease State Management
  • Patient Education
Medical Affairs Programs

Medical Affairs Programs

Medical Affairs organizations are tasked with providing timely, sensitive and accurate responses to customer, caregiver and healthcare provider inquiries. Manufacturers must rely on Medical Affairs organizations to provide this information within today's stringent regulatory environment. TMS Health understands the critical nature of this function and has developed stringent Quality and Regulatory Compliance Processes to protect our client's and their constituents.

We have extensive experience in recognizing, documenting and reporting adverse events and product quality complaints and will ensure compliance with your SOPs and federally mandated requirements. Client and internal audits have produced favorable findings with TMS consistently meeting quality and compliance goals. TMS can also capture data, maintain regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA) and seamlessly transfer data back to your internal systems. Our Compliance Officer is involved in each pharmaceutical program, overseeing the training of our handpicked communication specialists and ensuring specific regulatory concerns are met

With comprehensive Medical Information solutions delivered by highly skilled and tenured Specialists and healthcare professionals, you can trust our ability to serve your needs. TMS Health provides high quality communications solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

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